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Each Mundi Home is designed around three core principles: Zentecture™, Sensual Modernity™, and sustainability. Say hello to the dawn of a new lifestyle!

Mundi Homes Zentecture™

Zentecture is the composite of all six of the human senses—sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and the mind—within an architectural space. Each sense layers a physical means of expression and reception, allowing for a positive and meaningful space. The application of both Zen and Feng shui principles promotes a functional, peaceful lifestyle.

Mundi Homes Sensual Modernity™

Sensual Modernity™ is a bold foray into the future with an appreciation of our roots. Sensual modernity is, in essence, evolution.

The blend of Zentecture™ and Sensual Modernity™ results in an entire architectural space that is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and promotes wellness with:

  • A unique structural design that provides a quiet, serene environment
  • A spacious layout that meanders freely, like a bubbling brook from room to room
  • A design that is both functional and inviting, tempting you to stay a while to soothe your soul
  • Chromatherapy lighting that uses a rainbow of color to balance and heal both the mind and body

Mundi Homes Sustainability

The definition of sustainable architecture in a broad stroke is the avoidance of environmental pollutants within the field of architecture. Sustainable architecture accents positive ecological design while minimizing negative environmental impact.

As the vanguards to the future, it is our responsibility to design responsibly so as not to hinder future generations in their quest for a better life. We must lay the stepping-stones to guide them beyond our capabilities. Unfortunately, the global home construction community has failed miserably for generations—until now.

Mundi Homes not only offer a true sense of peace and comfort, but also create an environment for a lifestyle of innovative green technology. We pride ourselves on making sustainable choices throughout the entire construction process. Our designs meet the strict guidelines of US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and LEED Platinum Certification. A Mundi Home is zero energy, meaning that all of the energy that is necessary to run the home is created by the home itself through geothermal heating and cooling and solar and fuel cell electricity, such as:

  • Energy efficient structure and components
  • Water efficiency through recycling of bath, laundry and sink water for toilets and irrigation
  • Integration of waterproofing, insulation and three dimensional structural performance for foundation, wall and roof systems
  • Air purification for fresh, clean air throughout the house
  • Charging stations for electric and hydrogen cars


The Value of a Mundi Home

You’re probably thinking that a Mundi Home could be your dream home, but at an unattainable price. We believe your dedication to living a healthier and green lifestyle should not equate to an astronomical price tag. Although our homes are innovative and technologically advanced for the industry, we strive to build positive foundations with our vendors that allow us to pass along savings to our clients. We offer unsurpassed new home construction and design at a price that is competitive in today’s real estate market. In fact, by living in a green and efficient home, you will not only save money on a daily basis, but you are making an investment in your future. Our society is finally beginning to realize the importance of green living and the resale of a Mundi Home offers countless features your average house does not, driving up the value of your home.

Why a Mundi Home?

The Mundi Home vision is not just to build homes, but more so to impart a lifestyle—a greener and healthier way of life—with a greater sense of community and a new era in residential land development, home designs, construction and marketing. We encourage you to join us! To learn more about Mundi Home ownership or investment opportunities, please feel free to call us at 240-360-0350 or fill out and submit our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!