Mundi Homes

Bringing You The Home Of The Future, Today.

The Problem

Over the past fifteen years, Mundi Homes has carried out extensive studies on the building construction industry in the United States. It is plagued with half-century-old dogma and practices, ranging from design, construction, materials and energy efficiency. Homes today are analogous to cars of the late 1950s. They share the same inefficiencies in design, energy consumption, comfort and ergonomics.

Production of today’s tract home has not evolved a whole lot since the post-World War II housing boom. The 1959 Cadillac, which sold well in its day (as awkwardly assembled production homes do today) would be gawked at in 2019; a relic of the classic car era. Cars today are immensely better designed. The whole automotive enterprise has changed. Unfortunately, residential home construction has not changed at the same pace of the automotive industry.

Our Solution

The Mundi Home vision is not just to build homes, but more so to impart a new lifestyle; a greener and healthier way of life, with a greater sense of community and a new dawn in architecture, land development and energy efficiency synergy. Mundi Homes will bring a new renaissance to residential land development, homes design, construction and marketing. Mundi Homes has a bold exciting plan to implement this new way of living worldwide.

The Plan

Mundi Homes is now on the verge of revolutionizing the residential industry, creating a new market niche for which there is currently no competition. The primary goal of Mundi Homes is to build high quality next generation zero energy homes on environmentally-friendly- developed land, at competitive prices.

Mundi Homes is a leader and innovator with a clear plan and vision on realizing this ideal. Mundi Homes has established strategic partnerships with manufacturers and specialists to enable our concept.

Investment Potential

We are very excited about the potential of this new 21st-century concept in residential real estate development. Mundi Homes will be a leader in showing home buyers a new way home.

Investors will potentially get excellent returns not only on short-term sales profits, but also long-term returns on a mortgage-backed security and/or real estate investment trust secured by a unique, desired product in a new market. The time is now for you to get a better return on your investments in a company that will revitalize and revolutionize the residential real estate industry.